Be the one who benefits from your data

Many organizations today have access to private personal information. Shouldn't you be the one who controls your data?

Sign up with YouBase and start putting your most valuable data in your hands.

YouBase is a new way to store information safely and securely, all independently of any one company or data storage service. Even YouBase cannot access your data. It's yours to keep and use as you wish. Much like digital currencies, your data is encrypted in a network, and only you have the keys to access it. With your YouBase digital wallet, you can use the keys to share information with those you choose.


  • Your data is yours

    Control the access to your data and put it to use to benefit you the most

  • Easy sharing

    Freedom to share your personal information with whom you choose, instantly

  • Insights

    Insight to improve the health of yourself, collectivity to improve the health of the world.

  • Self-care

    Be empowered to learn what is the best standard of care for you.

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